Monday, March 5, 2012

whats HOT and whats Not ( click 4 more )

whats hot and whats not is something we hear and use allot in fashion.

But who actually gets to decide whats hot and whats not?. first of all what makes something Hot? in fashion?. isn’t fashion something personal? something everybody grows into in their own pace and way?
if u think about it isn’t fashion and high-style the definition of turning something that’s out of the ordinary into something everybody would want to wear?
so by definition fashion is something that’s NOT instead of HOT. its contradicting.
everybody has their own taste in style , so something i might find hot not necessarily needs to be something another person finds HOT as well.
i think u cant define fashion or style by whats hot or not , but simply by understanding the person wearing it.
fashion is something personal and its something to make ure own , its about turning what one person might find a NOT into something Hot.
we should all stop worrying about the tabloids and what the media says , and just try to be more understanding of everybodies personal style .
stay berry gorgeous

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