Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mi pais , My Country

My country is a very small place
With a rich history
Rocks, bushes, wind and sea
It’s my island and it’s interesting
With stunning views…
and damaged parts too
And wherever I am…
My country knows about poverty, robbery, disease
and some who sometimes are annoying
It’s my island and it’s impressive
With it’s graceful people
and some who are good-for-nothing
And wherever I am…
I am a bit worried
about my rock, my place
I cannot foresee the future
Don’t know how things will turn out
But in my prayers I ask God
To help us every now and then if he finds the chance
Just to fix some things
And take good care of what is ours
My island is a lovely place
It’s where my umbillical cord for ever lies…

 by : Izaline Calister

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