Friday, March 16, 2012

fashion owns me

ever since i was little i have had a verry strong creative mind. i was always pretending to be someone famous or someone important. singing and dancing have been a great part of my life ever since i was 4 years of age. ive been in choirs ive sang in concerts , ive danced and performed, on my island as well as other island and in the US and Suriname. 
performing and entertaining is my passion. i love making people smile or making them feel happy.

but somehow that wasn't enough for me. i wanted to do something different this time , not with the satisfaction of others in mind. but with my own self contentedness. 

and i have found that in sewing. when i design i design with myself in mind. would i wear this ? do i like it. the main focus is me , i find myself going into this big designing world wear i am the main client to please. when i create i create for myself and that's one of the most amazing feelings i have ever had. 
to see how one can turn a piece of fabric into something unique and wearable is a fascinating art for me. 
and i think ill be sewing for as long as my eyes can allow me to see the tiny hole to put my string through the needle LOL XD 

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  1. I know how hard it is to sew!! dam I used to stay up all night doing projects!!!
    I try to follow youre blog but the follow botton is not working dont know why??

    1. hi u have to follow me with blogger its in the top bar when u open my blog u should see it


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