Friday, March 30, 2012

spring/summer wishlist

hi dolls, as a beautylove and a fashion addict offcourse every season i make a list of all the fashion and beauty items i would like to purchase if not get as a gift XD i dont get gifts often if its no my birthday , so ill have to be purchasing these myself sadly LOL. my spring/summer wish list contains allot of goodies that allot of you fashion and beauty gurus allready own. i have to say i am i beginner in make -up so bare with me if you find the items on my list SOOOO LAST SEASON hihihi , thats why its called MY wish list. anyhow heres my list . i hope you all enjoy it. 

i hope you guys like it. 

let me know whats in your wish list. 
stay tuned with my youtube channel for my next beauty haul 


  1. I love some of your fashion picks!

    1. thnx hun , i loved ure lace litas post there gorgeous

    2. You're welcome! And thanks, Love the litas too! ;)


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