Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lets talk *Men Who Dress*

Hi dolls, So lets talk about one of our favorite topics MEN XD . 
yes ladies men, we know we love them hate it or love it cant live without them. 

Men's Wear 

  I consider men's wear and fashion like a baby that slowly but surely is evolving and growing.
 it has gone through many phases , but none of them really stuck for quiet a long time. in the early 80's mens wear had an explosion of colors,breaking barrier's within the men's fashion world,but slowly throughout the 90's and early 2000. i feel that men's wear has taking a big big ,fashion Dip for the worse. 
i mean we had the skater look, the over sized baggy look, and then we had the pants below the waist *rapper inspired * look,and so on. 

 i do have to say that i am very content with the way men's wear has evolutioned throughout the years. 
and i believe that the current * cleaned up * look is here to stay. 

Men and Fashion 

i feel sometimes, that men are afraid to express there creative fashion style because of the stigma that surrounds society with how men are supposed to dress and behave.
but this is also coming to an end , men are wearing color and building up their style and fashion sense. 
at first it used to be that men didn't  wear color and where always very neutral with colors and clothing.
who says real men don't wear pink , purple,or orange. wearing a certain type of color doesn't make u anymore or less of a man then you are.
men are starting to have a voice in fashion and what they want to wear.

Men Who Dress

lets talk men who dress, now i am a very picky girl when it comes to men and how they dress. i like my men to look clean ,i don't know if its me or if there are other ladies out there who feel the same. but sometimes when you look at a guy don't u just get the feeling ,That he LOOKS DURTY!. 
that's a definite no-no for me. i definitely fancy the clean cut look.am not saying he has to be dressed from top to bottom in a suit at all times, because i also like the urban feel that some men incorporate in there outfit. 
but i definitely like a man that knows how to dress, what fits him best and knows a thing or two about fashion.

so to close of my post, here are the Men that i think have a very nice fashion sense.
am not saying they knock the ball out of the park every time , but they sure have there niche when it comes to fashion. 

Pharrel williams

Justin Timberlake 

Trey Songz


David Beckham


Scott Dissick

So what do you guys think about my picks ? and who are your favorite Men Who Dress?


  1. This reminds me soo much of my blog post :P But I definitely agree... This preppy/gentleman-ish look is definitely not going to fade away anytime soon. Or at least I hope not!!

    1. i agree ... this is the way men should dress at all times , this is swagg!! lol

  2. Love love love Pharell! He always looks amazing ... and Scott actually has style too (maybe not when he was carrying the walking stick everywhere haha)

    Love your blog


    1. thank you doll, and yea u are right scott takes it way 2 overboard sometimes LOL


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