Tuesday, March 6, 2012

berry beautiful (click me)

a lil more about myself
i live in Curacao for all of you who don't know what or where that is , its an Island in the caribean we are a colony of Netherlands. we are multilingual this means we speak not only one or two but up 2 5 languages in my country ( papiamentu native language, spanish,dutch,english,portuguess,and some german or french) our island is a melting pot of all type of cultures ,and its basically paradise on earth LOL XD

my style
if i had to categorize my style i would say its simple affordable yet chic , i live on an island and there is not really allot of variety off clothes , that’ why u have to be very creative , most of the teens here order clothes from the US and we shop mostly in the US or in Europe because allot of us have families in Netherlands. am not saying that we don’t have stores here , we have allot of stores with allot of cute clothes but everybody shops at those stores so , u’ll never find something truly unique. through out the years i have learned that if u wanna stand you u have to be creative with what you have so i decided to take on sewing class, this way i could make my own unique clothes for my sense of style.
so i definitely consider my style and fashion sense to be very affordable simple and unique , its something everybody could wear and feel sexy in

stay berrygorgeous 

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