Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simplicity for the beautifully curved body

Simplicity is my project clothing line. I recently started sewing and designing my own clothes,i came up with the name simplicity because i believe that , when you are dressing simplicity is the key. if u have a very form fitting body, there is no need to dress dramatically or over the top. a woman with a curvy body already has a very appealing and attracting figure, so when dressing its very important to keep it classy sexy yet simple.
because your outfit can easily turn from classy to trashy.

my clothing line contains classic pieces with a modern twist to them. i find that when a person is very aware of his/her body , that person dresses more attentively. which will over shine someone else who dresses without thinking bout body figure and size. when u have this kind of knowledge and u know what fits u good, ull be able to accentuate ure more flattering body parts, and camouflage the unflattering in a very smart and subtle way .

my line is a growing project that is going to evolve and transform , while i grow older, and as i keep learning more about my self what i want in my line , and about sewing and designing 

i hope u guys enjoy this and follow my journey 




  1. Stunning designs !! I Like them all, is the fabric of the dresses stretch ? i really like the last dress.

    1. thnk u :D yes the fabric is jersey print which is stretch material

    2. Ahh ok i really like the designs!


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