Friday, March 9, 2012

Candy Land ( click me )

Hi guys , so i sewed this dress during the holidays for new years eve. I was looking for inspiration throughout the holidays.I like to create a story behind my dresses , that just makes it more fun to make. and finally i was inspired by the following poem

While walking by a candy shop,

The sight of gumdrops made me stop,
And with a penny in my hand,
I entered into Candy land.

The smell of chocolate was distinct,

And then a sight caused me to blink,
As if in answer to my prayers,
I saw a million chocolate bears.

Some were dark and some were light,

And some were very, very white,
Some were standing six feet tall,
And some were very, very small.

Some were wide and some were thin,

Some wore frowns and some wore grins,
Some were round and some were flat,
Some wore shoes and some wore hats.
I was rather mystified,

I could not quite believe my eyes,

But when they all began to dance,
I walked right in and took a chance.

I danced with one and then with two,

Then three with hats and one with shoes,
I was the belle of Candyland,
My life was chocolaty and grand.

But visions faded into night,

When I awoke and saw my plight,
My chocolate vision was a dream,
So I got up and had ice-cream.


  1. Lovely style blog. I love this dress on you. It's very flattering. I just subbed you. Hope you'll keep in touch and return the love. I can't wait to check out more of your posts.

    1. thnk you so much doll , ill be shure 2 check it out


Hi dolls, lovely that you comment we appreciate it so much ... love -xoxo-