Monday, March 5, 2012

Perfect Shade of Brown ( click 4 more)

So what is THE perfect shade of brown actually?

I believe that every shade of brown is beautiful, and that we have to embrace our ethnicity. I feel that allot of black and beautifull women out there , dont acknowledge the fact that their skin tone is gorgeous. Allot of mothers are bleaching their children to make them look lighter, and it just grosses me out that people would actually have that kind of mind state after all we have been through as people of color.

But i don't blame them tho' for they do not know better. the social media is a huge factor for this, the message it brings for not only young women and men is that in order to be beautifull you have to fit in to the rules of being either skinny or light skinned and that is not true. Everybody is beautifull in their own way , God made you that way so who are you to say that , that is wrong .

My blog is primarily a fashion blog where i post my creative style i want everybody to feel free to express there selves and embrace their outer shade cuz where all the same on the inside .

somebody who is aware of that is the Perfect shade not only of Brown but of every color.

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