Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every end is a new Beginning; The Last Chapter

Hi Dolls, welcome back to my blog today I have rather sad but still very exciting news to share with you guys.  I have been working on my blog for a year now and I feel that there is room for some improvement. After allot of talking brainstorming and discussions with my fellow YT partner simplyniina. We have decided to close our blogs.

Yes you read it right Purfictshadeofbrown is going to be closing. But don’t panic it’s only for the better. As we are growing and developing we as partners (Niina and I) want something different for our channel and blogs. And we decided we are going to fuse our two blogs together, into ONE BLOG.

How amazing is that?? Some of you who might follow us on YT might say UGH FINALLY IT TOOK YOU FOREVER. Since keeping up with two separate blogs and one joint YT Is allot of work. And sometimes confusing for our followers. We decided to eliminate the clutter and start fresh, and re organized.
The new blog is also going to be linked to our YT channel. This means that we are going to rename our channel as well. The name we choose for our Blog and YT is; House of Style.

Why this name? ; Because we have noticed during our year as blogger/vloggers that we like to divert into different roles and categories within vlogging and blogging.
We don’t only vlog and blog about fashion or beauty but we also like to speak our minds film our daily lives, and also bring some humor here and there in our channel. Sticking to one particular name that restricts us from doing what we do didn't seem fair.

But since we are mainly fashion and we like to do allot of things why not turn it into a house. A house of style where you as reader/viewer can enter our world and dip into the many different genres we offer while staying stylish.
That’s why we chose the name House of style.

So from now on you will be able to reach us on  and of course our YouTube niinaandberry. 

Please make sure to follow our new blog so you can stay up to date, because we have prepared many stylish things for you.

So don’t be shy and make a visit, the door to our house is always open,


Bye Dolls meet you over at Our crib ;)

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 days of summer : high low dresses

Hi Dolls its that time again , where i present you guys another item from my 7 days of summer blog series. Now today wur talking about High Low dresses , or asymmetrical dresses whatever it is you wanna call it.

The High low dress

now this dress has been trending since spring , and i have been loving it. its perfect for the summer when its really hot , but u still wanna wear a dress. you can get them in different styles and lengths which is supper awesome. its a summer 2012 must have i don't own one myself yet but am contemplating the idea of sewing one myself.

Choosing High low dresses 

if i wur to choose one of these dresses i dont know , id just have to take them all . arent they all gorgeous , thats why am planning of sewing one myself this way , i know its exactly what i want.

Styling highlow dresses 

what i love the most about these dresses and skirts is the fact that they are so versatile, you can dress then up or down wich ever way you want . so i styled to outfits for you all i hope you guys like them.

dress it down : but stay classy 

dress it up : but stay feminine 

how would you guys style your summertime high low dress?



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

*Brown Spotlight* Jazhara accessoires

Hi dolls, today i have my second edition of Brown spotlight , in which am going to let you guys meet the lovely owner of the Jazhara accessoires jewelry shop.

Name : Marvienne Cordelia
Nickname: Vientje, Jahzara
Age: 24
occupation: Owner at Jahzara Accessoires, Co-owner at Kompiutertekniko

Hobby: Writing, Doing nails (new), Reading, making Jewelries.

 A little about yourself: 
I’m a very friendly person, funny, always have a smile on my face. I love to support my people, love going out. I also love eating out.

Describe your personal style: 
I love colors a lot. But sometimes you can find me wearing black allot. I love black too. I love skinny pants with a cute shirt. If the shirt is colorful is better . I love earrings and rings. Sometimes I like to have some unique things (everyone right?), like a huge lip necklace.
 I don’t like wearing heels, I like flats and wedges. (OMG I love wedges) I am not into make-up, like foundations and things like that, just my pink lipsticks and under eyeliner. 

Who is jahzara accessories:
My lovely business! 
The name Jahzara is an African name and it means Blessed princess.

When was this company established:
The company was established the 15th of August 2011. It’s growing so fast and I am proud of that 

What do you sell?:
Let me first say that my goal is to sell like everything a Diva girl can think about. One of my goals is to sell clothes and that will become reality soon
. Now we are selling make-up, necklaces, earrings, rings, bags, wallets. 

How did you start your company :
I bought all the things I wanted to start with.  especially necklaces, earrings, rings. I started in the same place as our other business. It was very easy because I already had a small amount of money , so I just had to buy some things and just store them. And with the month I was growing I bought other items, like bags, wallets etc. I am still in the process of growing, because I am not selling all the items I want yet.

Why did you start out your company :
At the age of 12 and up I started to think that I want to open my own business. I love jewelries so I thought why not? I want to have my own business beside my future work as a lawyer. All of us want to have enough money to live like we want right?  So this would be a good way to earn more and do what I most like: Search for more cute items to sell! I love fashion jewelries so I love searching for more to see what’s in fashion etc.

Is there something else you enjoy doing:
I enjoy studying, especially when it’s a subject I’m really interested in. 

Do you have a blog or other socialmedia profiles:

I have my personal Facebook account (Jahzara Accessoires (Marvienne Cordelia)
Facebook page:
Twitter: jahzara_curacao

I used to have a blog but I never blog so, but I am considering starting to blog again 

Where can you be contacted :
Telephone number: 679-3386

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ode to my Country pt.2

Hi dolls, today is my countries , National Flag and National Anthem day. so i decided to do another Ode to my country post .
i know my Blog is a fashion blog, but i have to dedicate a piece of my time and blog to my Country,born and raised and proud to say it. in order to know where you are going its important to be aware of your ancestry and where you are from. i strongly believe that one has to be respectful of there country and the place they where born and raised. because if it wasn't for that country the people and your family, you would not be the person you are today. there for a second Ode to my Country.

( note!: please if you utilize my pictures be sure 2 mention their source which is me or contact me

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Styling: how to style shorts

Hi dolls , am back summer has officially started for me as of yesterday THANK YOU GOD. i seriously thought i wouldn't see the day , but eventually it came. so this means beach sun and SHORTS all the way. styling shorts is super fun and you can have a really good time putting outs fits together for that perfect summer day. i just thought id share with you guys how ill be styling my favorite shorts for this summer. 

ive created 3 looks that i think ill definitively be rocking allot during this summer and that i absolutely love. i hope you all love it too.

Look 1 : The berry playful look 

dress down a flowy button up , with these Capri denim shorts for a fun flirty summer look. 
keep your accesoiries simple so you don't feel overwhelmed in the sun.dress it down with cute flats or dress it up but stay casual with playfull wedges.

look 2 : berry sweet 

coral has bee really in this spring and summer, and of course i love everything that has e shade of pink in it. pair it up with a sheer leopard print blouse for a chic sweet, yet edgy look. and off course dress it up or down with flats or even leopard print heels. 
 golden and brown accesoiries, always give your outfit a instant chic + 

look 3 : berry boho 

pair your dark denim short with an Aztecan printed blouse to inspire that eccentric bohemian look. turn ure satchel into a day time clutch to make it fun , and show that ure versatile ad creative .

to see how these looks fit on me in live motion , don't hesitate to check out my video , and subscribe and share with your friends if you like.


i hope you guys enjoyed it , please comment and share your opinion 

bye dolls, share the love and support 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

7 days of summer : Wedges

Hi dolls, how have you all been ?
i hope everything is swell. am sorry for deserting you guys for so long , but i had some school duties to finish. am not done yet but am almost there. summer and freedom is so close i can feel it.
so the next must have item for my  7 days of summer is. 


we all know that besides diamonds , shoes are a girls best friend, and in the summer time wedges are a must have item.  i absolutely love wedges for the summer time because their flirty, and comfortable you can look sweet and chic without over doing it and still look casual and laid back.

Picking Wedges 

there are so many wedge styles, to choose from it could be really difficult at times to find the perfect pair of summer wedges, but that's why am here to help you guys along the way . 
now summer time is all about being relaxed laid back ad comfortable. 
because of the hot weather you want to make sure not to over do it with accesoires. summer time is a happy time where everybody is glowing and vibrant , so i suggest you pick out a bright colored type of wedge with a girly or flirty detailing or design. 

so you can look sexy and playfull at the same time , here are some wedge inspirations.

you can ever go wrong with a good old pair of brown wedges, its a very neutral color it looks chic and goes with anything. 

if you are more on the daring side , you can also style your outfits with neon wedges, but remember to keep it low key on top so you dont over do it . you dont want to be looking like a light bulb

and if your the more , casual type a pair of wedge sneaker can look really edgy and cool too.

styling wedges 

 heres some ways i would style my summertime wedges.

how would you guys style your summertime wedges?

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