Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beauty Review | revlon colorstay foundation

Hi dolls, today i have my first beauty review for you all, and its a review about the Revlon brand product. which is the Revlon color stay foundation in 410 cappuccino.

General information

so i bought this product about 7 months ago , after hearing tons of youtube guru's rave about it. it was around the time i was contamplaiting the idea of starting a youtube channel, and gettin into make up .
so i decided to do some research and try it out since there was allot of positive response.
it cost me about 30 guilders wich is equivlent to about 12 dollars orso. they have a wide varaity of skin color shades, and this is a liquid foundation. the shade i bought was the 410 cappucino wich is the darkest shade.


now the packaging is very simple and chic, wich i like its just a glas bottle with a black screw on cap.
since this is a liquid foundation  with a screw on cap am not really fond of it because it can get verry messy. the first time i got it , it spilled al over my bed and i lost allot of product.
but all by all the packaging is quite sleek and nice looking.

verdict : A


now this is a liquid foundation as i allready stated. you can choose between two types wich is, normal to dry skin or combination to oily skin. i have a very oily skin so thats the one i bought.
this foundation has a matte finish but can look verry dewy on the skin. it says that its supousd to last up to 16 hours but , i have to re-apply every 2 hours after 8hours of work.

it has a red undertone to it , but my face has e yellow undertone so it does make my face look a litlle redder and darker. it blends in very naturaly and has a leight weight feel to it .but you have to be carefull when aplying it because it can look a bit cakey.

pro's :

  • natural finish 
  • blends well w/th skin 
  • oil free 
  • doesnt rub off 
  • lightweight feel


  • dewy finish 
  • red undertone 
  • can look cakey
  • constant reapplying of 
  • powder 
  • no pump

verdict : D

 this is how the color looks like ( 410 cappucinno) with flash

 after i blend it into my skin ( with flash )

the final verdict :

overall rating : D 

i did not like this foundation at all , it has it good times but the bad ones over compensate, wich is such a heart break after all the rave it did not work for ME. so i will not be re purchasing this product.
I hope you guys liked it  and if you guys have expiriences with this foundation please link me down below
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 days of summer : Denim shorts

Hi dolls, how have you all been ?
i hope everything is swell. so this is going to be the first part of my 7 days of summer blogpost. 
we all know summer is right around the corner everybody is bussy with gettin school work done , so that they can enjoy the summer. ill be posting 7 summer must have items on my summer 2012 list. 

Denim shorts 

so the number one thing on my summer 2012 must have  list is the oh so beloved denim short. i live int he caribean for those of you who dont know. and its gettin freaking hot day by day . this item is the perfect item for me to rock this summer in this hot and humid weather.

i havent bought a pair of shorts yet , am searching for the one that fits perfectly , since i have a verry shaply body, i have to be sure to get one that fits just the way i like. am dying to studdefy then when i buy them.


i would love to have some denims shorts , with tribal patterns or some other kind of tye-die vibe to it . or i could just do it myself aswell depends on my mood .

so here are some inspiring denim shorts / summer vibe pictures i hope they inspire you guys aswell.

this would be a fun yet trendy way to style them for summer

Thursday, May 17, 2012

favorite spring trends

Hi dolls, Ive been loving all the spring trends lately and i decided to make a Lookbook of my 4 favourite looks for spring.
i hope you all like it , and please do let me know wich outfit was your favourite.

Look 1 Abstract Patterns

now this look is really in right now wich is the Shirt dresses , asimetrical , cropped or whatever you wanna call it. what i love about this dress is not only the fact that i got it in sale for 25 guilders ( orginial 89). but i love the intresting pattern on it , verry sophisticated yet soft and modern.the belt fits perfectly to sinche in my waist area and acsentuate my hour glass shape. so that i dont look shapeless.

Look 2 Sheer and Pastel

now look number two is all about a softer femininity , sheer is one of springs must haves this year
and i am totaly in luv with this trend. this blouse is very flowy and casuall
and the pants and bag giv it that litlle boost of sweetness it needed, to complete this look.

Look 3 Colorblocking

now this look is a mix of colorblocking plus sheer, i liked the way i put this outfit together because
its colorblocking but in a verry subtle way, the red polka dots match with the skirt and the pop of blue just make it look sophisticated but , yet laid back.

Look 4 Neon

Now the last look , is all about adding bits of neon to ure outfit , in a way that it doesnt look too dramatic. like me shoes my watch and my skirt are all neon colored inspired.and i decided to make this outfit more fun by pairing it with a cropped top.

if you wanna see more remember to chek out my Look book

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So that was it dolls, i hope you enjoyed it , do let me know wich one was your favourite spring look

Look 1 , 2 ,3 or 4  

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gotta Have it Make it Stop pt.3

Hi dolls, have u ever had that love /hate relationship with a fashion trend ? 

well i do , now today we are going to talk about one of spring fashion 2012's latest trends, wich is the Bare midriff. now i myself am not a big fan of this trend. but there are some people who can actually pull it off


now this trend speaks for it self , its all about showing your midriff, with pants skirts shorts or even dresses with cut out midriffs in them.

Gotta have it

now i believe that when your trying to achieve this look you , will have to have a keen eye for style. cuz it can go from a whole lot o fashion to a whole lot of crazy in the blink of an eye. all of these ladies rock out this look to the max .

riri combines this trend with a nice matching of colorblock , which looks amazing prompts go out to riri 

Selena gomez pulls of her sweet looks with this daring yet smart looking outfit. 

vanessa hugdens style is always boho chic , and the trend and look compliment her well 

Miley cirus looks stunning for some reason , she looks well put together 

annalyne mcord looks stunning i do think the , skirt should have been a litlle more below the waist but i like it 

i don't remember who this is , but i like it its very subtle and not very noticeable 

leighton meester , looks absolutely normally i would have put this picture in my Make it stop selection but for some reason i think she put together bad girl vs. good girl and it turned out HOT 

Make it stop 

but as we all know , there's got to be one rotten apple in the bunch. you all know how it breaks my heart when i see people wearing stuff the right way. shame on you celebrities , what are your stylist for ?.

i think the top is not fitted well and its just an akward look overall

there a whole lot of WRONG  going on here katty 

this doll looks like she just jumped out of a , vintage editorial magazine , not in a good way 

katt graham , this is leighton meesters version of good girl vs bad girl GONE WRONG 

kelly my darling i love you , but no baby 


nicole , what is it , do you want to wear a tuxedo ? a dress? a blazer ? no theres just to much going on my dear

i just don't believe gwenneth has the figure for this outfit at all 

shenea  grim could have pulled this look out , with a different jacket and pants 

so what do you dolls think about this spring trend? GOTTA HAVE IT? OR MAKE IT STOP?

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Did i STUDder?

Hi Dolls, i know its been a while since i have posted anything. but i have been a buzzy bee lately trying to get my school work done for the end of the year, working AND sewing my spring collection for June. Lord knows how i have managed to stay sane through all this insanity.
speaking of insanity. i have been craving and lusting after studs lately , and am shure you guys have been as well. I have been totally crazy for this edgy chic look ever since it came back into the fashion world late last year.

Studs Then 

so lets talk studs, nowadays studded clothing's are the most fashionable trend out there. it gives your outfit an instant edgy feel , and sometimes its just a Little Uhmpf ure outfit needed. 
in the early 90's wearing studded clothing wasn't really what was in. this type of daring look was considered what we called more a Rebels niche, bad boys/girls , rocker /emo teens just looking for trouble. that's the Image that studs used to sent off . but nowadays anything without studs could basically be considered out of trend.

Studs Now 

i personally love this trend as i already said, it can give your outfit that little Bang that it was missing, IF you know how to do this the right way , which is off course none other then minimalism. and i believe that even the best of the best good girls , always need to have a little bit of bad in them, so if your scarred to try out this look. maybe these picture can inspire you. and give you ideas of how you could incorporate the stud trend into your goodie two shoes outfit. i cant wait to purchase a few studded items, and off course make a few myself , like a few bags dresses or shorts. off course youll know and see all about that in my blog and Yt channel 

so what do you guys think about this trend? be shure to comment and let me know 

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