Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beauty Review | revlon colorstay foundation

Hi dolls, today i have my first beauty review for you all, and its a review about the Revlon brand product. which is the Revlon color stay foundation in 410 cappuccino.

General information

so i bought this product about 7 months ago , after hearing tons of youtube guru's rave about it. it was around the time i was contamplaiting the idea of starting a youtube channel, and gettin into make up .
so i decided to do some research and try it out since there was allot of positive response.
it cost me about 30 guilders wich is equivlent to about 12 dollars orso. they have a wide varaity of skin color shades, and this is a liquid foundation. the shade i bought was the 410 cappucino wich is the darkest shade.


now the packaging is very simple and chic, wich i like its just a glas bottle with a black screw on cap.
since this is a liquid foundation  with a screw on cap am not really fond of it because it can get verry messy. the first time i got it , it spilled al over my bed and i lost allot of product.
but all by all the packaging is quite sleek and nice looking.

verdict : A


now this is a liquid foundation as i allready stated. you can choose between two types wich is, normal to dry skin or combination to oily skin. i have a very oily skin so thats the one i bought.
this foundation has a matte finish but can look verry dewy on the skin. it says that its supousd to last up to 16 hours but , i have to re-apply every 2 hours after 8hours of work.

it has a red undertone to it , but my face has e yellow undertone so it does make my face look a litlle redder and darker. it blends in very naturaly and has a leight weight feel to it .but you have to be carefull when aplying it because it can look a bit cakey.

pro's :

  • natural finish 
  • blends well w/th skin 
  • oil free 
  • doesnt rub off 
  • lightweight feel


  • dewy finish 
  • red undertone 
  • can look cakey
  • constant reapplying of 
  • powder 
  • no pump

verdict : D

 this is how the color looks like ( 410 cappucinno) with flash

 after i blend it into my skin ( with flash )

the final verdict :

overall rating : D 

i did not like this foundation at all , it has it good times but the bad ones over compensate, wich is such a heart break after all the rave it did not work for ME. so i will not be re purchasing this product.
I hope you guys liked it  and if you guys have expiriences with this foundation please link me down below
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for more info chek out my video below

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  1. I thought I was the only one who didn't like this foundation. I really wanted it to work because of all the hype, but it just doesn't. The finish was too dewy for the oily skin formula and it looked so pasty on my skin.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

    1. i feel you , i wanted it to be great so bad too but it was just terrible , thnx for commenting

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Hi dolls, lovely that you comment we appreciate it so much ... love -xoxo-