Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Less is more

so i live in the caribean , i mean its summer time all the time here. i was so stressed out from work and school i decided to go 2 the beach with my friends to release some tension. am wearing just a simple blue romper with brown sandals with gold studs on them.
nowadays people seem to think of style and fashion as more is less. i believe u dont have 2 wear allot to set a statement or to look fashionable , the key to dressing with style is knowing how 2 dress for your body type. because u could be wearing lot of brands and mixed and matches clothes to make u look unique , but all that doesnt matter if ure not wearing them correctly.
it was a verry hotday for me it was sunny and hot and today was definitely one of those less is more days

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  1. I'M SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! :) It's so hard to find Caribbean Bloggers!!!I'm actually from the Caribbean too and my college roommate is from Curacao!!! TO COOL!!! I hope that we can follow each other!!!! Much love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

    1. thank you so much i have followed ure blog its so cute as well i love all of ure shoes


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