Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time is of Essence ( click me )

Time goes fast
Time goes slow
Time sees people die
Time sees the grass grow
Time does not forget
Time does not forgive
Time crushes and kills
Time takes all you have to give
Time rushes past

Time ticks and tocks

Time is shown by the sun
Time is on the kitchen clock
Time is going slowly
Time tells you what must be done
Time is running out
Time waits for you to have fun
Time is impatient
Time is kind
Time is cruel
Time doesn't mind
Time is a second
Time is forever
Time is right this minute
Time is now or never 

hi guys hope u all are enjoying ure day. i have a  sewn piece for you guys as soon as i saw this fabric i fell in lov with the pattern
i dont really know what it represents but i think it stand for time because of all the number and i decided to sew a nice chic dress , verry fitting for church work or even a wedding i hope u all like it
stay berry gorgeous


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