Monday, April 2, 2012


Undefined, is a mini fashion series project i am currently working on with a couple of friends.whats it gonna be about ? u might say. Undefined is going to be a little YouTube and blog fashion series, where i broadcast and share with you, my fashion inspirations.

if i had to categorize my style in a word it would be Undefined, why ? because my style and fashion sense is something that varies everyday. i don't chain myself to a specific type or style because i am very open minded about what fashion and style really symbolizes. fashion is something personal , and everybody has their own taste and liking. i don't follow trends id rather think of myself as a trend setter. my style is undefined because there are no words to describe it. fashion to me is what feels good, what what inspires and uplifts me.

and that's exactly what this mini series is going to be about. the people in my life and my surroundings that inspire me and lift my spirit and creative sense. these are people that don't follow trends but make their own fashion rules. and people that don't waste there life hiding , but showing their true self confidence. through there fashion sense.

i have a couple of people in mind and am sure that this is going to be a very fun experience. i hope you all can experience and learn along side with me. 

so what makes u believe ure Undefined? , if you believe ure style is undefined and you live in the Netherlands Antilles. feel free to contact me and i could feature you on my blog .

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