Thursday, April 26, 2012

calling out all * Bag Hoarders*

Hi dolls, its been a while since i posted something, i just wanted to let my blog breathe for a while. i think it gives my followers time and space to read through articles and catch up , instead of feeling like they have to run after my blog because of overboard posting. plus ive been a little busy , what i just said right then was just a fancy way of writing a acceptable excuse LOL XD.

Bag hoarders

so lets talk bags, now every girl knows that an outfit isn't utterly complete without the perfect bag to finish it. i personally cant have enough of them. me and my mom seem to have this not so secret obsession with bags. we even let them custom make a long bag holder that holds all of them. i was to lazy to take a picture of it, sorry guys but ill post it on my twitter later @mizbrry. moving on i cannot walk without a bag , i just feel that a girl/young woman should always carry a purse or something like that , its just a neat and nice way to hold all of your stuff. and we all know women carry ALLOT OF JUNK in their trunks. i personally have friends that don't walk wit bags and i think that's just impossible. and the thing that annoys me the most is that they want you to hold all of their stuff in yours. have u dolls ever come across that situation with friends?


i love all types of bags , of all shapes and sizes. i have been searching for one , for quiet some time now , but i cant find it. its annoying when you live in a small country , you don't have allot of variety so its difficult to find what u think its perfect or what you have pictured in your head. but i wont give up and i know i will find the perfect bag for me. even though if that means ill have to order it online and wait like a month and a half to get it LOL. i hate ordering stuff online. am the type of person that when i pay for something i wanna have it immediately, i wanna touch it stare at it all day , and just play with it all day long. Lol so if i do decide to order my bag online when i do find it , it would be a beautiful nightmare. 

so here i have a selection of the bags and purses i adore. yet to find the one for me . 

Messenger Bags 

these are perfect for your everyday work attire. just to add a little pizzaz to your outfit.


clutches are the perfect accesoire, for our outfit. if u wanna go with a more subtle look and don wanna wear allot of jewelry, a statement clutch is the way to go.


these trendy and colorfull purses, are perfect for every occasion.


even though i hardly ever use backpacks anymore, they are always good to have for a hiking or camping trip.and there so fun when you can get them in different patterns.


i love satchels, their purfict for a night about town , where your going to a club or to party ,and u don't really wanna have that annoyance of having ure clutch in your hand the entire time. cross body satchels are perfect for that occasion.

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  1. luv all your bag choices!!! wouldn't know where to start if i had to choose just one!!

    i totally agree on the fact that it is impossible to leave the house without a bag!

    great post!

    1. Iknow right i just dont get it , its impossible thnx for the comment <3

  2. gosh, I love every single one of these bags <3


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