Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ode to my Country pt.1

Some call it an Island, many don’t even know about it, but I call it home. I am from afro-Caribbean descent, and Curaçao is what I call home, it’s a small island in the Caribbean, a small dot on the globe. My island is very beautiful very green and very brown, the people that live here are open hearted and we call them Yui’Korsou. My home is a melting pot, different cultures wherever you turn, we are hot headed, feisty and creative, we wear our hearts on our sleeves and like every other Caribbean country we love to eat. We are small in kilometers but big at heart, we express our creativity in many different ways. We are art lovers, fashion addicts and masters chefs in our own cuisine. We have Rugged desert coastlines and beautiful bleu colored waters, everywhere you turn you can find Children learning, and laughing

Teens pursuing their passion in dance acting singing or poetry. The days here are breezy and sunny, we are blessed with artist poets and comedians, and for us there’s no such thing as language barrier, and we speak all of them.  But not everything is always turned sunny side up, my country has had its ups and downs, political battles are part of our culture, and crimes are committed here as well. It’s the land of the rich, and the land of the poor.  We love to love and we love to hate, criticism comes hand in hand with the aspects of our culture. But that’s my Curaçao a bit of paradise not far away a poet I am not, but for Curaçao I will give it a shot. It’s not perfect and all is not swell, but no matter how far I travel, no matter the people I meet. Am proud to say that I will forever be a southern carribean belle.

My Curaçao is palette of vibrant colors, and just 2 show you it’s true, here are all my island treasures.

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  1. great post :) luv the pics :)

    i'm actually also from a little island called MALTA but its in the Mediterranean!

    its impressive how far we are from each other! the beauty of the World Wide Web!!


    1. oow thats really cool ill search it up, truly a beauty what the internet can do

  2. Hi Berry! I love all of the pictures - so beautiful!

    I also wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Come on over to www.alliesbubble.blogspot.com to see what it's all about :)


  3. Very Nice Berry!!!! Well done- luvin' the pics as well!

  4. Lovely post and pictures! I'm from the Caribbean too on a tiny island called Dominica. I'm so proud of my country and I'm glad to see that you are too ;) xx

  5. I absolutey loveee the pics! Hopefully I shall be travelling to the Caribbean this year, to Cuba. I am from a small island myself, the mediterranean island of Malta!
    Interesting blog!

    Martha x


  6. Hehe I just saw the first comment and now realised that someone from Malta has said almost the same things what a coincidence:)

    1. hahahaha YES , i have never heard of malta myself but i definitly will , btw i have been 2 cuba and its beautifull there i hope youe njoy


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