Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gotta have it Make it stop pt. 1

Hi dolls, have u ever had that love /hate relationship with a fashion trend ? 

  I do all the time , i absolutely love a certain trend but then somebody comes around and does it ALL WRONG. and i just get the feeling i want to run over and just burn their clothes? LOL. 
so this is what my post is about . go to have it trends and make it stop trends. this is number 1 of the 4 parts that i will be posting , and i hope you all enjoy it. please do comment if you have the similar feeling , or if u totally disagree with me. so here it goes 
Leopard print 
leopard print has been very in for about 2 years now, honestly i feel that its a timeless clothing item that can be worn at every occasion , when accessorized best. 
its a key item  in every woman's closet and its and effortless chic and trendy item.
ALTHOUGH leopard print is beautiful and sassy. wearing to much of it or matching it the wrong way can make you go from CLASSY to TRASHY in less then 1 minute.



id recommend matching leopard print, with black white hot pink or red. it makes for a great stand out accessory like , a clutch bag, heels, bracelets, jackets,and more . 
here are my favorite leopard print items. id rock anytime 

Make it stop 

it kills me when i see just random people, or even celebrities rocking this fabulous trend the awfullest wrong way. they do this fashion trend no justice. and its just an insult to fashion lovers everywhere. please celebrities MAKE IT STOP , what are your stylist for? LOL 

 Paris really ? no baby no 

 sweety didn't they tailor this for you ? i mean its obviously to long 
( not a flattering cut )

 Nicki you just plain crazy girl  just 2 much 
( ure tryna make a statement i get it but WHAT KIND?)

leopard print is sexy on its own , u don't have to do much to stand out , this cut is really unflattering 

what do you guys think ? gotta have it or make it stop ? please do comment 
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  1. Definitely gotta hav ite, but you're right.. not everyone can pull it off!


    1. ure so right thnx for commenting <3

  2. As a huge leopard lover I can agree, less is definitively more.The minimalist aesthetic is always best!

    1. so true thnx for your comment doll

  3. Like was already said, when it comes down to leopard print, the less the better.


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