Friday, April 6, 2012

Gotta have it Make it stop pt.2

Hi dolls, am glad to see you liked my first post of Gotta have it Make it stop. today am going to talk about SNAKESKIN print. i myself for one am not a lover of this fashion trend , but its very in for this spring and summer . there isn't a particular reason for why i don't like this trend, its just not of my taste. but i do have to say that some people can pull this off very well. 

Snakeskin print 

now the rule of minimalism counts for this trend just like for  the leopard print trend . wearing to much of this isn't flattering and accesorizing is key. its very important as well to look at what TYPE of fabric u get ure snakeskin dress blouse or jacket in. for my liking a soft flowy fabric such as cotton or chiffon , will do this trend far more justice then a thicker kind of fabric.

Gotta Have It 

all of these ladies rock the snake print look, effortlessly 


just like the leopard print my recommendation would be to minimalize , and accessorize wear this trend in Little pieces, that make your outfit pop and stand out. here are a couple of ways i'd wear this trend.

Make It Stop

it breaks my heart to see just random people or celebrities do this the wrong way ,this is most definitely one of those trends that can go way to wrong, way to fast. and its not a pretty look , please Make it Stop !

J.lo i love you , but we don't live in the '90s anymore sunglasses knee high boots and snake skinn? 

Deena darling , just not a pretty look over all
Angela doll, ure uncle is a pastor really boo? Not flattering at all 

what do you guys think ? gotta have it or make it stop ? please do comment 

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  1. Hi, found you on IFB and am following you now. I agree ... a little bit of snakeskin print goes a long way. Not my favorite trend either, but I do like the accessories you picked ... those I could get into :) Check out my blog and let me know what you think ....

    1. hey sweety thnx for commenting i followed xoxox

  2. visiting from IFB! i like this trend but I guess just do not over do it! anyway, followed your blog. check out mine at

    -Mish :)

    1. thank you for commenting i allready followed

  3. Great inspiration!

    xo Jennifer


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