Monday, April 9, 2012

Manicure Monday *blogger spotlight*

Hi dolls, am back wishing you all a very blessed week and hope you all enjoyed your Easter Holidays with family and friends. today is Monday and as you all know its customary for me to do Manicure Mondays. i know i skipped last week i just didn't like the pictures and i was too busy to re-take them , and i rather not post anything at all then to post content of weak altitude.

i had my nails done today by a nail artist, who is also a friend. and ill be introducing her to you all today.

Name : Sujenne Macaay

Nickname: Olyboly

Age: 19

occupation: Student

Hobby: Reading, dancing, Shopping, Nail designing, Decorating

A little about yourself: Well I’m now a student at the University of Curaçao. I’m am majoring in Engineering. Like every other human being I have allot of dreams and I am working on them day by day.
I love going out and and spending time with family and friends. Going clubbing isn't really my thing but going to The Cinemas or the beach. I  wouldn’t say no to that.
Something else I love doing is decorating. So I’m very crafty and love using my fantasy.

Describe your personal style:  Calm but yet Daring and Loud !

Why did u start doing nail art : Well I don’t really have a reason. I was just bored one day and started painting my nails. The one colored nails seemed too plain for me so I did a little design and that’s how I kept doing it every time I did my nails.

When did you start doing nail art: Officially I would have to say in October/ November 2010

Is there something else you enjoy doing: I love dancing. Since I was 10 I knew dancing was going to be my passion.

Do you have a blog: Yes I do, its  visit my blog

These are some of her nail art creations. 

Panda inspired nails 
 Cupcakes inspired nails 
 Converse inspired nails 

Isn't she awesome ?

so here is what she did for me , i love hearts so i opted for a Hearts inspired nail design. with pink red and a pastel blue color.

What do you guys think about it?

I hope you guys liked it don’t forget to follow that would be AWESOME.!!

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  1. Loving the panda nails, super cute and very creative!


  2. wow your nails are beautiful!


Hi dolls, lovely that you comment we appreciate it so much ... love -xoxo-