Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Extravaganza

Hi Beautiful people, i hope you all are having a Blessed week so far. i just wanted to say HI to my new readers and How do you do to my oldies. as u all may know i am a sewer and a self proclaimed designer in-the-making. am currently attending a two year sewing course. given by the beautiful and talented Judeska Carlo , owner of the line Franca Benedicta. 
but enough name calling chek her FB out here lets get back to the topic, which is Top extravaganza. 
in this new season of my sewing class we have the assignment to make a extravagant top , using no more then 25 guilders which is equivalent to more or Les 13 15 us dollars i believe. WOW THAT'S CRAY ! u might say but yea i thought the same way 2. so whats a top a top is a garment with no sleeves. 

we had to design 2 tops and then mesh those to tops together so that they become one design.  it has to be extravagant so that means very high fashion and OUT there. but how am i supposed to do that with no more then 25 guilders. That's the challenge .

am totally in love with this assignment and i cant wait to see what i make out of it . here are my two designs, and a sneak peek of the fabric i am going to use. 

 (Sorry for the writing in the middle but hey gotta protect  my sketches )

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