Saturday, April 7, 2012

April's Fashion Finds

Hi dolls, i went shopping today. i decided to treat myself to a few items that wur on my wish list for a while ,but i was hesitant and unsure about them. finally i got the money and i decided to take the chance and go for it. 
i visited the MAC cosmetics store and the Front Row boutique. i had wanted to buy a couple more items but , yea i decided not to because i didn't want to splurge all too much . ill get those at the end of this month.

so these are the goodies that i bought at the MAC store, it was my 3rd time visiting the mac store. the first 2 times i went to look around and get comfortable with the area and ask for information and this time i decided to purchase. its my first but definitively not last shopping trip to the mac store. what i got wur the studio fix fluid select SPF 15 foundation, and the studio fix powder plus foundation. am in the shade NW50.

then i decided to visit the Front Row boutique where i found , lots of cute stuff, but i have always wanted a pair of pastel jeans and FINNALLYY I GOT THEM . am soo exited, to wear them and they are suppper soft. i will be returning to the Front Row to purchase a couple of items i couldn't get this time around.

Dont you just LOVE them?

the last thing i purchased was at a drugstore which is the Revlon Fuchsia fusion lipstick, which is supposed to be a Dupe for MAC's Girl About Town. i am a very cautious type of person , and i always like to try things out before i buy them especially if there of a more expensive taste. i am really in love with the Mac Girl About town but i decided to give the Revlon lipstick a try first to see if i truly like it , and i have to say they are very similar.

that was all dolls, i will be doing a review about the beauty items, after i feel ive used them long enough to the extent of having a consistent opinion about them. 

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  1. Ooh !! I'm jealous !!!
    You got the pastel colored pants !!!
    Love the lipstick btw

    1. dont be lol ....go get them they have pretty colors pink blue yellow uuugh beautifulllll

  2. hiii,

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment!

    i'm seriously in love with your blog - went through half your posts already!!

    i'm your newest follower :)

  3. Those pink jeans are stunning <3 x

  4. mac is soo cool! also usin it- its addiction! :) love it
    happy easter to you and your family ;)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  5. I"m really avoiding visiting the Front Row for a long while now... Just because I might spend all my money in there!!

    1. uuugh i know i really had to talk myself into not buying the other stuff, like 4 times. other wise i would be broke and its still the beginning of the month


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