Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gotta Have it Make it Stop pt.3

Hi dolls, have u ever had that love /hate relationship with a fashion trend ? 

well i do , now today we are going to talk about one of spring fashion 2012's latest trends, wich is the Bare midriff. now i myself am not a big fan of this trend. but there are some people who can actually pull it off


now this trend speaks for it self , its all about showing your midriff, with pants skirts shorts or even dresses with cut out midriffs in them.

Gotta have it

now i believe that when your trying to achieve this look you , will have to have a keen eye for style. cuz it can go from a whole lot o fashion to a whole lot of crazy in the blink of an eye. all of these ladies rock out this look to the max .

riri combines this trend with a nice matching of colorblock , which looks amazing prompts go out to riri 

Selena gomez pulls of her sweet looks with this daring yet smart looking outfit. 

vanessa hugdens style is always boho chic , and the trend and look compliment her well 

Miley cirus looks stunning for some reason , she looks well put together 

annalyne mcord looks stunning i do think the , skirt should have been a litlle more below the waist but i like it 

i don't remember who this is , but i like it its very subtle and not very noticeable 

leighton meester , looks absolutely normally i would have put this picture in my Make it stop selection but for some reason i think she put together bad girl vs. good girl and it turned out HOT 

Make it stop 

but as we all know , there's got to be one rotten apple in the bunch. you all know how it breaks my heart when i see people wearing stuff the right way. shame on you celebrities , what are your stylist for ?.

i think the top is not fitted well and its just an akward look overall

there a whole lot of WRONG  going on here katty 

this doll looks like she just jumped out of a , vintage editorial magazine , not in a good way 

katt graham , this is leighton meesters version of good girl vs bad girl GONE WRONG 

kelly my darling i love you , but no baby 


nicole , what is it , do you want to wear a tuxedo ? a dress? a blazer ? no theres just to much going on my dear

i just don't believe gwenneth has the figure for this outfit at all 

shenea  grim could have pulled this look out , with a different jacket and pants 

so what do you dolls think about this spring trend? GOTTA HAVE IT? OR MAKE IT STOP?

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  1. Feeling the cropped top. Love all these ladies. Very inspirational.

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  2. ha hahha hahahs such a good yet funny post!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!
    much love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo


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