Thursday, May 17, 2012

favorite spring trends

Hi dolls, Ive been loving all the spring trends lately and i decided to make a Lookbook of my 4 favourite looks for spring.
i hope you all like it , and please do let me know wich outfit was your favourite.

Look 1 Abstract Patterns

now this look is really in right now wich is the Shirt dresses , asimetrical , cropped or whatever you wanna call it. what i love about this dress is not only the fact that i got it in sale for 25 guilders ( orginial 89). but i love the intresting pattern on it , verry sophisticated yet soft and modern.the belt fits perfectly to sinche in my waist area and acsentuate my hour glass shape. so that i dont look shapeless.

Look 2 Sheer and Pastel

now look number two is all about a softer femininity , sheer is one of springs must haves this year
and i am totaly in luv with this trend. this blouse is very flowy and casuall
and the pants and bag giv it that litlle boost of sweetness it needed, to complete this look.

Look 3 Colorblocking

now this look is a mix of colorblocking plus sheer, i liked the way i put this outfit together because
its colorblocking but in a verry subtle way, the red polka dots match with the skirt and the pop of blue just make it look sophisticated but , yet laid back.

Look 4 Neon

Now the last look , is all about adding bits of neon to ure outfit , in a way that it doesnt look too dramatic. like me shoes my watch and my skirt are all neon colored inspired.and i decided to make this outfit more fun by pairing it with a cropped top.

if you wanna see more remember to chek out my Look book

and dont forget to Subscribe its totaly free, supper fun trust me you wont regret it.

So that was it dolls, i hope you enjoyed it , do let me know wich one was your favourite spring look

Look 1 , 2 ,3 or 4  

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  1. Really great outfits!!!

    They are so different, but yet show a uniquee style.

    If i had to choose a fav, I would choose the 2nd oufit!

  2. You look fabulous and I love your style! That dress on the very first pic is beautiful and you look stunning!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for your comment and following my blog
    i am now following yours too
    im from Nigeria (which is in Africa)
    hope to keep in touch :)

  4. i like your shoes in 1st picture, so beautiful :)

  5. OMG!
    I LOVE look #3!!! It's my fave!

    xo -s

  6. Cute outfits. You look amazing. I'm going to check out your YouTube. I have one as well. I love, love, love the print on your dress and the skirt.

  7. Wow! They're all amazing.. it's very hard to pick a winner!
    Great styling skills you have dear.. well done!


  8. the 2nd look is gorgeous & the 4th one is super pretty :) the other ones are very chic too!


  9. i love your outfits!! especially the aztec inspired skirt and that white chiffon blouse! you look great :) xx


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