Monday, May 7, 2012

Did i STUDder?

Hi Dolls, i know its been a while since i have posted anything. but i have been a buzzy bee lately trying to get my school work done for the end of the year, working AND sewing my spring collection for June. Lord knows how i have managed to stay sane through all this insanity.
speaking of insanity. i have been craving and lusting after studs lately , and am shure you guys have been as well. I have been totally crazy for this edgy chic look ever since it came back into the fashion world late last year.

Studs Then 

so lets talk studs, nowadays studded clothing's are the most fashionable trend out there. it gives your outfit an instant edgy feel , and sometimes its just a Little Uhmpf ure outfit needed. 
in the early 90's wearing studded clothing wasn't really what was in. this type of daring look was considered what we called more a Rebels niche, bad boys/girls , rocker /emo teens just looking for trouble. that's the Image that studs used to sent off . but nowadays anything without studs could basically be considered out of trend.

Studs Now 

i personally love this trend as i already said, it can give your outfit that little Bang that it was missing, IF you know how to do this the right way , which is off course none other then minimalism. and i believe that even the best of the best good girls , always need to have a little bit of bad in them, so if your scarred to try out this look. maybe these picture can inspire you. and give you ideas of how you could incorporate the stud trend into your goodie two shoes outfit. i cant wait to purchase a few studded items, and off course make a few myself , like a few bags dresses or shorts. off course youll know and see all about that in my blog and Yt channel 

so what do you guys think about this trend? be shure to comment and let me know 

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  1. Studs make such a statement! I am actually wearing a studded shorts on my latest post. :)


  2. One of my absolute favorite manicures of all time is the black lacquer w/ gold studs!

  3. wow- SWEET nails!!!!!!! so greattt!

    thanks for the welcome on IFB! I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! I look forward to your bisit on my blog- Id love on GFC! and if you would give me some feedback too I would really appreciate it!

    God Bless Always,

  4. studs studs studs, I'm crazy about them!!!!



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