Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 days of summer : Denim shorts

Hi dolls, how have you all been ?
i hope everything is swell. so this is going to be the first part of my 7 days of summer blogpost. 
we all know summer is right around the corner everybody is bussy with gettin school work done , so that they can enjoy the summer. ill be posting 7 summer must have items on my summer 2012 list. 

Denim shorts 

so the number one thing on my summer 2012 must have  list is the oh so beloved denim short. i live int he caribean for those of you who dont know. and its gettin freaking hot day by day . this item is the perfect item for me to rock this summer in this hot and humid weather.

i havent bought a pair of shorts yet , am searching for the one that fits perfectly , since i have a verry shaply body, i have to be sure to get one that fits just the way i like. am dying to studdefy then when i buy them.


i would love to have some denims shorts , with tribal patterns or some other kind of tye-die vibe to it . or i could just do it myself aswell depends on my mood .

so here are some inspiring denim shorts / summer vibe pictures i hope they inspire you guys aswell.

this would be a fun yet trendy way to style them for summer


  1. I love all of the jeans here. Great trends. I need those studded jeans in my life. Thanks for all of the lovely comments dear.

  2. hiii,

    just wanted to let you know that I have just tagged you!!

    Check out the tag here:

  3. love all the denim shorts i'm addicted!


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