Sunday, June 17, 2012

7 days of summer : Wedges

Hi dolls, how have you all been ?
i hope everything is swell. am sorry for deserting you guys for so long , but i had some school duties to finish. am not done yet but am almost there. summer and freedom is so close i can feel it.
so the next must have item for my  7 days of summer is. 


we all know that besides diamonds , shoes are a girls best friend, and in the summer time wedges are a must have item.  i absolutely love wedges for the summer time because their flirty, and comfortable you can look sweet and chic without over doing it and still look casual and laid back.

Picking Wedges 

there are so many wedge styles, to choose from it could be really difficult at times to find the perfect pair of summer wedges, but that's why am here to help you guys along the way . 
now summer time is all about being relaxed laid back ad comfortable. 
because of the hot weather you want to make sure not to over do it with accesoires. summer time is a happy time where everybody is glowing and vibrant , so i suggest you pick out a bright colored type of wedge with a girly or flirty detailing or design. 

so you can look sexy and playfull at the same time , here are some wedge inspirations.

you can ever go wrong with a good old pair of brown wedges, its a very neutral color it looks chic and goes with anything. 

if you are more on the daring side , you can also style your outfits with neon wedges, but remember to keep it low key on top so you dont over do it . you dont want to be looking like a light bulb

and if your the more , casual type a pair of wedge sneaker can look really edgy and cool too.

styling wedges 

 heres some ways i would style my summertime wedges.

how would you guys style your summertime wedges?

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  1. my love for wedges will never die!! <3

    1. yeszzz and their perfect for petite dolls like us

  2. Wedges are definitely the new pumps :) Love them!!


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