Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every end is a new Beginning; The Last Chapter

Hi Dolls, welcome back to my blog today I have rather sad but still very exciting news to share with you guys.  I have been working on my blog for a year now and I feel that there is room for some improvement. After allot of talking brainstorming and discussions with my fellow YT partner simplyniina. We have decided to close our blogs.

Yes you read it right Purfictshadeofbrown is going to be closing. But don’t panic it’s only for the better. As we are growing and developing we as partners (Niina and I) want something different for our channel and blogs. And we decided we are going to fuse our two blogs together, into ONE BLOG.

How amazing is that?? Some of you who might follow us on YT might say UGH FINALLY IT TOOK YOU FOREVER. Since keeping up with two separate blogs and one joint YT Is allot of work. And sometimes confusing for our followers. We decided to eliminate the clutter and start fresh, and re organized.
The new blog is also going to be linked to our YT channel. This means that we are going to rename our channel as well. The name we choose for our Blog and YT is; House of Style.

Why this name? ; Because we have noticed during our year as blogger/vloggers that we like to divert into different roles and categories within vlogging and blogging.
We don’t only vlog and blog about fashion or beauty but we also like to speak our minds film our daily lives, and also bring some humor here and there in our channel. Sticking to one particular name that restricts us from doing what we do didn't seem fair.

But since we are mainly fashion and we like to do allot of things why not turn it into a house. A house of style where you as reader/viewer can enter our world and dip into the many different genres we offer while staying stylish.
That’s why we chose the name House of style.

So from now on you will be able to reach us on  and of course our YouTube niinaandberry. 

Please make sure to follow our new blog so you can stay up to date, because we have prepared many stylish things for you.

So don’t be shy and make a visit, the door to our house is always open,


Bye Dolls meet you over at Our crib ;)

(Don’t forget to like our FB page which has also diverted from purfictshadeofbrown to House of style )


  1. Congratzzz on your new home!:D:D:D

  2. Good luck and congrats! ;)


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