Wednesday, July 4, 2012

*Brown Spotlight* Jazhara accessoires

Hi dolls, today i have my second edition of Brown spotlight , in which am going to let you guys meet the lovely owner of the Jazhara accessoires jewelry shop.

Name : Marvienne Cordelia
Nickname: Vientje, Jahzara
Age: 24
occupation: Owner at Jahzara Accessoires, Co-owner at Kompiutertekniko

Hobby: Writing, Doing nails (new), Reading, making Jewelries.

 A little about yourself: 
I’m a very friendly person, funny, always have a smile on my face. I love to support my people, love going out. I also love eating out.

Describe your personal style: 
I love colors a lot. But sometimes you can find me wearing black allot. I love black too. I love skinny pants with a cute shirt. If the shirt is colorful is better . I love earrings and rings. Sometimes I like to have some unique things (everyone right?), like a huge lip necklace.
 I don’t like wearing heels, I like flats and wedges. (OMG I love wedges) I am not into make-up, like foundations and things like that, just my pink lipsticks and under eyeliner. 

Who is jahzara accessories:
My lovely business! 
The name Jahzara is an African name and it means Blessed princess.

When was this company established:
The company was established the 15th of August 2011. It’s growing so fast and I am proud of that 

What do you sell?:
Let me first say that my goal is to sell like everything a Diva girl can think about. One of my goals is to sell clothes and that will become reality soon
. Now we are selling make-up, necklaces, earrings, rings, bags, wallets. 

How did you start your company :
I bought all the things I wanted to start with.  especially necklaces, earrings, rings. I started in the same place as our other business. It was very easy because I already had a small amount of money , so I just had to buy some things and just store them. And with the month I was growing I bought other items, like bags, wallets etc. I am still in the process of growing, because I am not selling all the items I want yet.

Why did you start out your company :
At the age of 12 and up I started to think that I want to open my own business. I love jewelries so I thought why not? I want to have my own business beside my future work as a lawyer. All of us want to have enough money to live like we want right?  So this would be a good way to earn more and do what I most like: Search for more cute items to sell! I love fashion jewelries so I love searching for more to see what’s in fashion etc.

Is there something else you enjoy doing:
I enjoy studying, especially when it’s a subject I’m really interested in. 

Do you have a blog or other socialmedia profiles:

I have my personal Facebook account (Jahzara Accessoires (Marvienne Cordelia)
Facebook page:
Twitter: jahzara_curacao

I used to have a blog but I never blog so, but I am considering starting to blog again 

Where can you be contacted :
Telephone number: 679-3386


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