Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review | Inglot freedom system pallete

Hi dolls am back again with another review.
this time around ill be reviewing , the Inglot cosmetics pallete i bought about 2 months ago.

General information

so i bought this eyeshadow pallete about 2 months ago, at inglot curacao. because i dance in a dance group and we all need to have the same make up look for when we perform. so inglot is a make up cosmetic store , it recently established itself on Curacao wich is my lovely island. and i think they are slightly more affordable then MAC. inglot has e very unique systeem wich is called the freedom systeem, this is where you can choose wich ever eyeshadow that u want , insterted in different palletes, there are single palletes 2's 4's '6's'10'20 and so on palletes. this isnt only for eyeshadows but also for blush concealer and pressed powders.


i purchased a four eye shadow pallete, from their freedom system you get it in a packaging just like this. with the name on it , its verry sleek and simple i like that. 

when you open it up you get a magnetic pallete , this eliminates the trouble of having to worry about the cover falling back on when ure doing your make up you can just slide it off and work from there. 
whats also interesting is the fact that they are magnetic which means if you buy more palletes they stick together because of that , which also eliminates having loose palletes everywhere since their all stacked up together and become one.

verdict : A


these eyeshadows are absolutely amazing i fell in love with them the moment i put them on for the first time. they dont crease , dont need any base and stay put for up to 4 hours. they are highly pigmented and true to the color. 

  • highly pigmented
  • no base coat 
  • no creasing
  • affordable eyeshadows

  • 73 guilders for the pallete and four 
  • shadows

1 small con 

eyeshadows have numbers not names 
when put in pallete you cant see them so 
its easy 2 forget the numbers

product : A+

the final verdict 

overall rating: A ++


i absolutely loved this product and i will definitely be paying another visit to the inglot curacao store.
I hope you guys liked it  and if you guys have expiriences with this make up brand please link me down below
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for more info chek out my video below

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some make up looks using this product :


  1. Beautiful colors and you look adorable. (: xoxox

  2. I love the colors! Unfortunatly I don't think they sell this brand in my country...
    Thanks four your message on IFB. I'm following you!


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